smytten customer care

smytten customer care

Smytten is an Indian product trial and discovery platform where users can try out thousands of beauty products from 500+ premium brands. It is also an online shopping app with curated stores across 12+ lifestyle categories.

India’s first and only trials and discovery platform for skincare, beauty, fragrances, men’s grooming, baby care, haircare, health, food and beverages. Try up to 6 products for only ₹235/month including shipping.

Smytten Customer Care Number 1800313090 (Available Between Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm)
Email Support : (Available Between Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm)

Refund and FAQ Related Questions:
What is the difference between the Trial section and the Shop section of the Smytten app?

The products in the Trial section can be selected using Trial Points, while the products in the Shop section must be purchased with amount as mentioned on Product.

Question: How many Free Trials Points will I receive?

Answer: As a Smytten user, you have 6 trial points that you can use to select products from the trial section of the app.

Question: I’ve requested my Free Trials Points and Payment. When will I receive my cashback points and 6 trial points?

Answer:If you place a prepaid order, you will get a 100% cashback discount and trial points. If you place an order on COD, your account will be credited within 48 working hours after delivery. If not Credited,Please Contact Smytten Customer Care

Question: My free trials points have been used up. Where can I get more Free Trials Points?

Answer:If you make a purchase from the Trial Section, you’ll get your trial points back plus 100% cashback. If you’re using COD, your trial points will be activated after your order is delivered. You can have a maximum of 6 trial points at any given time.

Question: How can my trials be free when I pay INR 235?

Answer:The Smytten Trials are a free 100% cashback discount scheme where the INR 235 you pay for the Trials, Supply, and Shipping is credited back to your Smytten Wallet as a cashback scheme discount. This will be automatically applied to any Shop Orders you place.

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